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Natural stone is a beautiful and effective retaining system. For areas with a large slope. Natural stone offers the stability to last over time. Each stone is processed right on site to the specific needs of the project. Natural stone retaining walls offer a way to bring nature into a project. A type of limestone commonly referred to as “Worm Rock” and “Armour Stone” are harvested and delivered directly from the stone quarry. The stones unique texture and markings offer wide variety of character in each stone.

Natural stone has a wide variety of uses within a landscape design; from front entrance ways to back patios and around the pool area. The natural flow of a project is very important in making it esthetically pleasing to the eye. Stigma Style Landscaping is very flexible in working with the customer to make sure the project is always on budget and on time. A unique one of a kind design specific to the homeowner’s desires is the # 1 goal of Stigma Style Landscaping!

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